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Do you make your own hand woven chain maille jewelry?
Click the banner below to visit Midwest Maille, a division of Diane Miller Designs, for Argentium sterling silver jump rings and chain maille kits and tools.

Chain Maille kits with Non Tarnish Silver Plated Jump Rings from Midwest Maille.


As of April 2011, many of my chain maille kits will now be available with precision cut and polished Argentium® sterling silver jump rings OR Non tarnish silver plated jump rings, along with step-by-step color instructions. Refill kits are also available upon request.

Although Midwest Maille will continue to specialize in chain maille kits with Argentium® sterling silver, I also want to be able to offer my customers a less expensive alternative, chain maille kits with non tarnish silver plated jump rings.

After doing extensive testing on silver plated wire from several different companies, I finally found a quality non tarnish silver plated wire.

The wire that I use to make my non tarnish silver plated jump rings is made by using 99% pure copper wire that is plated with 99% pure fine silver ... then a clear coat is added to prevent tarnishing. When your jump rings are closed, the copper core is hidden inside.

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